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According to the UK’s Newsletter, Audi has been one of the high-quality and fast-growing brands in the UK for the last three consecutive years. A total sale of 137489 new vehicles put the brand on top, giving it a new market share of 7.22%. 

Moreover, one notable reason for its rise is that it offers various personalisation options, like variations in style, colours, and custom number plates. Therefore, Audi lovers opt for authentic private plate makers to design their Audi Reg Plates with endless customisation options. Get yours now from Plate Empire

Therefore, this guide will explain essential information regarding crucial implementation and things to avoid while using number plates issued by the Audi brand. 

Regulations for Audi Number Plates:

Audi’s number plates are subject to several rules and regulations, ensuring the accuracy of private number plates. The following are some of the highlighted decrees regarding the designing of custom number plates:

  • Registration plates must be affiliated with the vehicle that are:
  • Correctly fitted, 
  • Information is printed in an accurate font and is not tinted illegally.
  • If the above-mentioned directions are not followed, there is a security risk when the rider is on the road. However, all car owners are restricted from obeying these rules because their failure leads them to high penalties and fines. 

Due to the regulations regarding Audi automobile number plates, it is good to keep an eye on what to perform and avoid. Therefore, this article’s next section will discuss these crucial aspects. 

2024 Guidelines for Audi Reg Plates:

Regarding the registration and legislation of Audi vehicles’ number plates in 2024, including 3D Gel plates and 4D Plates, some highlighted policies ensure the licence plate is compliant and maintains the vehicle’s outlook. Due to this concern, this blog post explains some critical guidelines containing dos and don’ts when using Audi number plates, one of the well-known automobile brands in the UK.  

Requirements to Implement (Dos):

The following is a list of essentials to perform for the appropriate Audi automobile’s number plate and design them appropriately. It also deals with the tasks to execute when you need to pick the best among all of them:

  • Portray a Legal 24 Reg Plate: On March 1, 2024, it was documented that the registration number plates of any Audi vehicle must start with “24,” representing the year of registration. Moreover, this information highlights the accuracy and compliance of number plates.
  • Comply with Size Ordinance: The size of registered Audi number plates is restricted according to UK specifications and regulations, measuring 520mm x 111mm.
  • Maintain Legibility: Readability is one critical factor to consider, offering a clear understanding of information. However, maintaining legibility refers to the clear visibility of information displayed on the number plate. Use reflective materials and proper font and style to keep the UK’s regulations in mind. 
  • Assume Bounded Personalisation: Customising your custom number plate using a combination of alphanumeric digits after the legislation of section “24” is allowed. In addition, following DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency) regulations is also a set of rules to implement for the appropriate design of number plates. 
  • Consider a Well-reputed Provider: Unless the built-in design, if you want personalised electric car plates, use DVLA-approved purchasers to ensure their legality. 

Things to Avoid:

Now, below are some crucial considerations to avoid when making Audi Reg plates more durable, fulfilling rules in the UK:

  • Exhibit An Inappropriate Plate: It is recommended to avoid getting the number plates that are not assigned to Audi or come with a display of different years.  
  • Revise the Plate Illegally: It is good to avoid complicated font styles that make the information unclear. The displayed details must be easily readable to the naked eye. 
  • Indeterminate the Number Plate: For a legal number plate, don’t ascend the plate in a way that makes it difficult to view. For example, it should be legally tinted or have a sturdy design.
  • Use Improper Language While Customisation: You are prohibited from using improper, offensive, or discriminatory words on your Audi number plate. You must avoid abusive, displeasing, and objectionable words.
  • Be aware of Unauthorised Sources: This is restricted to avoid unauthorised or unregistered sellers who may purchase non-compliant number plates, which can lead to severe penalties and fines. Due to this critical aspect, you must have clear and detailed information about the manufacturers and private number plate makers.

Wind-up Statement:

To conclude the discussion, Audi is one of the well-known automobile companies that established various high-quality number plates. Also, for efficient and convenient usage, it is good to follow some of the dos and don’ts discussed in the above-explained section. Furthermore, following the rules and regulations of Audi reg plates is highly advised to avoid many inconveniences and free yourself from penalties.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team to design and order custom number plates that truly reflect your personality and improve your car aesthetics. Order now!

Document Require for Road Legal Number Plate

These documents are required by DVLA so we will need them before we can issue any road legal number plate.

We need to see your Name address and document reference number. and car registration number you have requested to be made.
We do not need your date of birth, picture or inside pages of v5.
Only two documents are required in total.

Documents to show entitlement to the registration number (ONE ONLY):
• Vehicle registration certificate (V5C)
• New keeper supplement (V5C/2)
• A Certificate of Entitlement (V750)
to the number
• A Retention Document (V778)
• A renewal reminder for vehicle tax or SORN (V11 or V11NI)
• A Temporary Registration Certificate (V379)
• A Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (V948) with an official stamp from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or Driver
and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)
• An electronic Number Plate Authorisation Certificate (eV948)
• A letter of authorisation from a fleet operator (including lease or hire company) quoting the document reference number from the V5C
• Record of insurer’s name, reference and
policy numbers (for repairs approved
by an insurance company)
• If your fleet is in the new V5C on demand scheme (also called ‘V5C suppression’), a PDF of the vehicle’s details from the view vehicle record service.

Documents to confirm your name and address (ONE ONLY):
• Driving licence, with or without a photo
(doesn’t have to be issued in the UK)
• Utility bill, Council Tax or rates bill in
Northern Ireland (from the last 6 months)
• Bank or building society statement (from
the last 6 months)
• National identity card (issued by the government of a state or territory other
than the United Kingdom).